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Tent Add-Ons:

Securing the Tent


The manufacturer specification to securing a tent


An alternative method to staking  These weights fit nice and snug around the corner poles of the framed tents, The customer will assume all responsibility for damages, due to not securing properly per the manufacturers specifications

Water Barrels

For weighting framed tents. ( Customer is responsible for providing a water source)

Flooring & Staging

Dance Floor

  • 33-50% of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time

  • Lightweight Dance Floor

  • Can be used for customer set up

  • Comes in 3 x 3 sections

  • Ground must be completely flat

Heavy Duty parquet Dance Floor

  • 3’ x 4 ‘ sections

  • Must be covered if outside


  • Can be used indoor and outdoor use

  • Comes in 4 x 4 sections

  • Adjustable legs

  • Adjustable stage steps with railing

  • Skirting colors: Black or Maroon

Tent Walls

  • White -with windows

  • White – without windows

  • White corner draping

Tent Lighting

  • Globe lighting

  • Par 38 Can Lighting with clamp

  • Flood lighting

  • String Lighting

  • Chandelier lighting

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